Sleep Apnea Treatment – Mount Pleasant, SC

Stop Snoring & Get the Rest You Deserve


Are you constantly exhausted and stressed out because of poor-quality sleep? Untreated sleep apnea, (often indicated by loud, chronic snoring) can interrupt the deep sleep people need to feel rested. At Smile Carolina Dental Group, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson offers non-surgical sleep apnea treatment in Mount Pleasant using custom-fit oral appliances that are designed to help you stop snoring and get the rest you deserve. Give our office a call today to learn more!

Why Choose Smile Carolina Dental Group for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

  • Digital Impressions for Personalized, Comfortable Snoreguards
  • In-Office & At-Home Sleep Apnea Testing Available
  • CT/Cone Beam Scanner for Highly Precise Diagnoses

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Usually, sleep apnea is caused by tissues in the throat and mouth collapsing and obstructing the air passages. The air forces its way past the tissues, creating the noisy vibrations we know as snoring. Many factors may contribute to this, from the size of passages and oral/airway structures to swelling of passageways or positioning of the tongue. Additionally, the blockage causes the body to wake up suddenly, preventing the deeper, more restful stages of sleep from being reached.

Disrupted deep sleep can affect mood, health, and cause daytime sleepiness. The added stress and fatigue can cause a lack of concentration, loss of memory, and accidents in the workplace or while driving. A patient’s snores can easily disturb a sleeping partner’s rest, too.

How We Treat Sleep Apnea

A snoreguard works by repositioning the jaw and tongue to allow for unobstructed airflow. A snoreguard is a custom-made appliance, similar to an athletic mouthguard, that a patient wears comfortably throughout the night. Most people have little trouble adjusting to the appliance and find immediate relief.

If your sleeping partner says you frequently snore, or if you experience daytime sleepiness, contact us for a consultation. A snoreguard may improve your quality of life, and it is just another way that Dr. Jeffrey Johnson can help you smile!