Dental Bridges – Mount Pleasant, SC

A Stable Solution to Renew Your Smile

If you have lost teeth from an accident, injury, or gum disease, your dentist can create a fixed bridge to restore a complete smile. A bridge not only fills the gap but also prevents your remaining teeth from repositioning. Besides traditional dental bridges in Mount Pleasant, SC, Smile Carolina Dental Group offers the latest dental implant tooth replacement solutions. Our qualified team of dentists will improve your chewing, speech articulation, oral health, and self-esteem by restoring your beautiful smile. Get in touch with our team today!


Why Choose Smile Carolina Dental Group for Dental Bridges?

  • We Use Durable Materials That Are Built to Last
  • Dental Insurance Welcome & Flexible Financing Available
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What Is a Dental Bridge?

Model smile with dental implant supported dental bridge

A bridge is a prosthetic used to recreate the surfaces of one or more teeth above the gumline. A bridge can be recommended to treat consecutive tooth loss. Your dentist in Mount Pleasant will use advanced technology to create your restoration from all-ceramic material. It is held in place using crowns or dental implants. Your bridge will mimic your real teeth to blend in with your smile while also reinstating your quality of life by improving oral health and functions.

Types of Dental Bridges

Lab technician crating a dental bridge

You have several options to replace lost teeth with a bridge. Your dentist will examine your mouth and learn more about your preferences to establish a personalized treatment plan. They will also review your oral and medical history to determine the best method for your smile, such as:

Traditional Dental Bridge

Animated smile during traditional dental bridge placement

The bridge is held in place by reshaping one or two adjacent teeth to bond dental crowns over them. A fixed bridge is the most traditional approach to treating consecutive tooth loss; however, it requires altering healthy teeth. With the proper aftercare, it can last for about 10 years before needing a new one.

Dental Implant Bridge

Animated smile during dental implant supported dental bridge placement

As an alternative to a traditional fixed bridge, many patients prefer using dental implants. A dental implant is unlike any other treatment because it restores both the root and the crown to provide a nearly perfect recreation of your lost tooth. As a result, it does not require any other teeth for support to preserve your natural smile. Best of all, dental implants are proven to last for 30 years or longer with the correct maintenance, like keeping your smile healthy. If you are missing multiple teeth, each one is not replaced individually. Instead, your implant dentist can use one or two posts to anchor your bridge to your jawbone.

Your dental team will explain everything during your consultation and address your concerns, so you feel 100% confident about the road ahead.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

Woman enjoying the benefits of getting a dental bridge

Tooth loss is more than just an aesthetic problem. It can negatively affect your oral and general health, as well as your overall enjoyment of life. Treating your missing teeth provides various advantages, including:

  • Improved self-esteem
  • Better oral functions
  • Preserve your dental health
  • Look younger
  • Natural-looking results
  • High-quality, durable solutions

If you are ready to stop hiding the gaps in your smile, contact our dental office today to schedule your consultation for a bridge. We look forward to restoring a beautiful, functional smile you will be proud to share with others.