Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Mount Pleasant, SC

Conquer Complex Dental Problems


Do you struggle with complex or multiple dental problems? Such issues may put a damper on your confidence, make it difficult for you to enjoy your favorite foods, and put you at risk for overall health problems. Fortunately, you are not without recourse. We warmly invite you to visit our dental office for a consultation to discuss full mouth rehabilitation with your Mount Pleasant, SC cosmetic dentists, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson or Dr. Virginia Gregory. We will put our experience, knowledge, and training to work to design a personalized cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatment plan to renew your smile’s function, health, and beauty.

Why Choose Smile Carolina Dental Group for Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

  • Experienced Cosmetic Dentists Who Make Your Comfort a Priority
  • Dental Implant Treatment Completed In-House
  • Digital Dental Impressions Without the Mess

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Closeup of woman with flawless smile after full mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation, sometimes called full mouth reconstruction, is a treatment plan that may involve multiple services. Its ultimate goal is to correct oral health problems and help a patient enjoy renewed confidence in their smile.

The process begins with a consultation, wherein our team will get to know more about you, your oral health, and your goals. We will take some images of your mouth, discuss possible treatment options, and answer all of your questions. Once you embark on your treatment journey, it may be just a few appointments before you see noticeable improvements in the way your teeth look and function.

Designing a Comfortable Bite

Closeup of person biting into an apple

For your treatment plan to be a true success, any restorations that you receive must work well with your bite. That is to say, all of your teeth, including both your natural and restored ones, should rest in their proper positions when your mouth is closed. Proper occlusion (bite) can prevent issues like bruxism and TMJ disorder.

As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Gregory has a deep understanding of how your oral structures should work together. She is interested in ensuring that her patients’ teeth, muscles, and bones function harmoniously as an interdependent unit. This is one of the reasons why the restorations provided at our dental office are of such outstanding quality.

Restoring Your Smile’s Aesthetics

Woman sharing flawless smile

Of course, the aesthetic aspect of full mouth rehabilitation is also extremely important. Your smile makeover might include:

  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Metal-free restorations
  • Invisalign

As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Mount Pleasant, Dr. Gregory understands all of the components that go into designing an attractive, natural-looking smile. When she is designing the veneers, crowns, or other restorations that are part of your treatment plan, she will pay attention to your smile’s symmetry, your smile line, the size of your teeth, the color of your teeth, and other tiny details that make a big difference.

How Much Does Full Mouth Rehabilitation Cost?

Dental team member and dental patient discussing the cost of full mouth rehabilitation

The cost of your full mouth rehabilitation will depend largely on the current state of your teeth and gums. The more extensive your required treatment, the more you can expect to invest. Often, dental insurance is willing to cover at least a portion of the price of services that are considered necessary for your oral health — which means that it may lower your out-of-pocket expenses for some of the treatments that are part of your full mouth rehabilitation. Our team will also be happy to help you apply for low-interest financing if you would like to break up the cost of your treatments into monthly installments.

Are you ready to renew your smile? Contact our team today to schedule your personalized full mouth rehabilitation consultation.